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At a time when Caledon’s population is set to go from 81,000 to 300,000 over the next 30 years to meet provincially-mandated population numbers, one would think that more control over that growth should have been the priority. Not enabling the loss of two seats. And we wonder why?

No Means No. Except When it Means Nothing.Just Sayin’ Caledon

If you envision yourself walking into the municipal office and taking over operations, firing a bunch of people, and generally sticking your nose into administration’s business, you’re in for a rude awakening. If you want to manage your town or city, apply for the job.
…your role as a councillor is governance. You don’t get to direct the staff.

Five Terrible Reasons to Run for Municipal Office – Danielle Klooster, MountainViewToday

We see information being presented that is partially-true, or out of context, or showing you carefully selected information while with-holding all the rest.

It’s all so Un-Caledon-esqueJust Sayin’ Caledon